X-Rays Provided On-Site

woman getting xray
X-Ray Technician

Digital X-Rays Performed On-Site

Digital X-rays are performed on site and available immediately for our providers to expertly review and discuss with you during your office visit. If needed, X-rays are also sent electronically to Board Certified Radiologists for a transcribed (written) interpretation at no additional expense to you.  X-ray examinations are covered by insurance and Surfside Urgent Care will provide a digital copy of your X-ray for you to take to any necessary follow up appointments.

Surfside Urgent Care has a premier reputation and respect in the local medical community for Urgent Care Services. As a result, we are able to streamline referrals to the best local American College of Radiology accredited imaging centers to provide the highest level of care for our patients. With or without insurance we can often arrange for immediate or same day appointments for CT, MRI and Ultrasound. For our patients without insurance surprisingly low cash prices are available for these advanced imaging studies.

Additional Services

Take advantage of our wide range of services provided.  We offer care for injuries and acute medical issues, surgical and non-surgical procedures, labs, work and school physicals, Telemedicine or even simple medication refills. Our providers on have extensive emergency medicine training and experience treating a wide array of conditions for people of all ages. Get quick diagnoses and treatment for your entire family.  Call us with questions about how we can help.

No appointment necessary for urgent care.

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