Surfside Urgent Care in Indialantic, Florida

Surfside Urgent Care was founded by Emergency Department providers with extensive emergency department experience. Our expert board-certified physicians and certified mid-level providers provide rapid evaluation of all urgent medical issues and injuries and have the knowledge and training to provide excellent treatment and ensure appropriate follow-up if needed. Our modern and accessible facility is open 7 days a week with extended hours. With on-site lab tests, digital x-ray and computerized medical records your visit will be streamlined to ensure rapid, excellent health care.  Utilizing the latest technology, Surfside Urgent Care is faster and more convenient than the emergency room and often more accessible than a doctor’s office. Surfside Urgent Care has the staff, facilities and expertise to care for most urgent illness and minor traumatic injuries in a tranquil, pleasant setting.

Surfside Urgent Care
Surfside Urgent Care Parking area

On-Site digital X-Ray and facture care. Get results while at your appointment.

We offer physicals for school sports and for work.

Personalized and high-level care. Offering surgical and non-surgical solutions.

We will see you even if you are expecting! (for non-pregnancy issues)

Fast, easy, and affordable electrictronic pharmacy prescriptions.

Minimal wait times for visits.

VA Authorized Urgent Care Provider
staff at Surfside Urgent Care
Well waiting room

Sick and Well Waiting Rooms

Sick waiting room

No appointment necessary for urgent care.